Disneyland: Using MaxPass

MaxPass is Disneyland’s new, optional paid, program that allows you to book FastPass reservations through the Disneyland app, versus going to the ride to obtain a FastPass, as described here.

How it Works:

Overall, MaxPass is very similar to the traditional FastPass system, you just don’t have to walk to the physical ride to obtain a FastPass – you can do it all from the palm of your hand instead.

  1. Open the Disneyland app
  2. Slide the Mickey head up to show your options
  3. Under ‘My Plans’, click Get FastPass (see picture below)
  4. Create a FastPass Party (select whomever wants to be on the ride that you are about to book)
  5. Click Continue
  6. Select the Theme Park you are booking the FastPass for
  7. Choose your attraction – it will show the available times so you can find the one that works best with your plans.
  8. Select the timeframe given
  9. Click Confirm
  10. The confirmation screen will tell you when you can make your next FastPass.  Take note of that time, often it’s just 30 minutes away, quite a bit shorter than the traditional FastPass timing typically is.  The max amount of time to when you can make your next FastPass is 1.5 hours away – with the traditional system it’s 2 hours.
MaxPass Get FastPass

Your FastPass should pop up on your phone when it’s ready to be used, or you can go into the app and click Redeem FastPass on the app.  The FastPass will have a QR code that you can use to scan at the ride; however, you can also just use your park ticket!  They are linked, so this will save you time and battery life.

Scan for FastPass

Scan to redeem your FastPass

The biggest bonus of MaxPass, you didn’t have to walk to the ride to get that FastPass.  Instead of running with the masses to the #1 ride pick at Park Opening, you are instead sipping a latte and have a FastPass locked in before the masses even arrive at the ride and line up at the FastPass machines!  You can head the other direction, to the #2 attraction and hop into line while it’s still extremely short!

MaxPass will save you tons of steps around the park, and will make it easier to lock in those desirable FastPasses without the rush. There are many rides that have FastPasses that available right away – so you can easily go FastPass to FastPass all day long.

In addition, MaxPass includes PhotoPass for each day that you purchase MaxPass!

MaxPass Choose Your Ride

Select your ride!

The Cost:

MaxPass is currently $10 per person, per day.  If you want everyone to ride together, everyone in your party must use MaxPass.  A family of four – that is $40 a day.  However, if you are in a large group and some do not want to purchase it, they do not have to – they just cannot reap the benefits and must use FastPass the traditional way. You may be able to get overlapping FastPass times, but you may not be able to – the FastPass window on the app doesn’t always match the traditional FastPass return time.

You do not have to purchase it for everyday of your vacation.


Purchasing MaxPass:

If you have booked a Disneyland hotel (onsite or Good Neighbor) + ticket package, once you receive your tickets from your hotel / resort upon check-in, link your tickets to the Disneyland app.  As soon as you go through the turnstile on your first park day, open the app and it should prompt you to purchase MaxPass.

If you just have Park Tickets, without a hotel package, we can add it onto your tickets in advance.


Good to Know:

You can only hold one FastPass at a time via MaxPass, just like normal.  If you choose another FastPass on the app, it will override the one you currently have (this is a perk, with the traditional system, you cannot change your mind once you pull a FastPass!).

Not everyone has to ride every ride.  If you have someone who isn’t interested in Space Mountain, but everyone else is – you can leave that person off the FastPass and they can choose something else.

If the ride breaks down, or closes completely, during your return window, MaxPass will automatically change your FastPass into a “Multiple Experiences” pass and notify you.  What this means is you can now take that FastPass to ANY RIDE that offers FastPass in the park!  You can even use it on rides that have run out of FastPasses earlier in the day!  If you open the pass, you’ll see a list of the eligible rides.

While in Disneyland, you can reserve a FastPass for California Adventure before you even hop – and vice versa. (make sure you have Park Hopper tickets to do this!)

Take a screen shot of the reservation in case you have trouble accessing the app, or for a reminder of what you have booked, or when you can reserve your next FastPass.

Written by Brook

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